What are Fuel Filters?

The name fuel filter is self-explanatory. Fuel filters filter dirt, rust, and other debris out of your fuel before it can enter your combustion chamber. Fuel filters are located somewhere along the fuel line from your fuel tank and your combustion chamber. Since gasoline is corrosive and is often used as a cleaner, it is counterintuitive to think of the necessity to filter dirt from it.

The thing about fuel is you do not know where it has been. After refinement, most fuel is stored in tanks then transported to your fuel station by truck. When pumping from the refinery to the storage tank, the fuel passes through a hose line. The same is true when being pumped into trucks, from the trucks into fuel station tanks, and from fuel station tanks into the fuel tank of your vehicle.

Our service center here at Henry Curtis Ford in Petaluma, CA we replace clogged fuel filters.

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