Don't Neglect the Engine Cooling & Radiator System Maintenance

There are too many moving parts in the cooling system to leave things to chance. Here are a few things to consider concerning the importance of a cooling system maintenance check-up.

  • The technicians will check the water pump for signs of leaks and make sure the belts are tight and in working order.
  • The thermostat and housing will be checked and tested because this one part is responsible for maintaining the temperatures inside the engine block.
  • The radiator cap will be checked that it is the right pressure for your vehicle and the radiator will be checked for leaks or damage.
  • Radiator hoses will be inspected as well as all the radiator clamps.
  • The fluids in the radiator will be flushed and replaced with the right grade for your vehicle to protect those moving parts at higher temperatures.

Get your car to our service center at Henry Curtis Ford so we can perform a full cooling system maintenance check.

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