Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

As a vehicle owner, you want to keep your vehicle in top condition. This entails keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. But when should you conduct these routine vehicle checks? Spring is usually a good time, as summer is right ahead with its resultant more travel time on the road.

When you are ready to conduct these maintenance checks, first look up the maintenance schedules in your owner's manual. Tasks like changing the oil and oil filter, cleaning the battery, checking the hoses and belts, replacing the wipers and light bulbs, flushing the radiator, checking the condition of the tires and the spare and replenishing tool and emergency kits should all be on your list.

Our service center at Henry Curtis Ford is experienced in servicing automobiles and can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. We can provide any of these maintenance services and replace any items for your vehicle during the process.

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