A Small Car with Outsized Performance

The Ford Fiesta may be small, but you shouldn't underestimate its performance features. This popular subcompact car offers agile handling and turbocharged power, making it perfect for Petaluma drivers looking for a high-octane driving experience.

Many people still prefer the feel of a clutch. That's why the Ford Fiesta comes with an optional manual transmission. Most models are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, and if you choose the high-output Fiesta ST, you can opt for a fast-shifting six-speed. The energetic feel of the Fiesta is further enhanced by its sport-tuned suspension components. They are specifically designed to provide an athletic driving performance.

For tons of power packed in a tiny package, the Ford Fiesta is the perfect choice. If you want to experience the Fiesta's performance on the road, swing by Henry Curtis Ford to take one of these cars out for a test drive.

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