New Driver-Assist Suite Alert: Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford is continuously inventing new ways to help drivers feel safe and confident on the road. Ford Co-Pilot360 is its new suite of driver-assist technologies designed to meet drivers' concerns about congested roads and a sharp rise in on-road distractions. We here at Henry Curtis Ford in Petaluma, CA think all of the technologies are ingenious. The following two are but a sample of what's in store.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is the end result of pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection, a system that emits warning flashes and alert sounds when it detects pedestrians crossing in front of your moving vehicle. If you fail to respond in time to the flashes and sounds, AEB immediately stops the vehicle to prevent a costly, dangerous accident.

Lane Keeping System

Lane Keeping System uses steering wheel vibration and steering torque. Steering wheel vibrations occur when you veer precariously close to lane markings, whereas steering torque helps you physically steer back to the center of your lane.

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