Most Petaluma, CA motorists find that they are constantly attached to their phones. Spending long hours driving without the connectivity and convenience of their devices can be downright unnerving. Fortunately, Android Auto is a popular, in-vehicle technology that's designed to provide totally hands-free access to a vast range of entertainment options, navigational tools, apps, and more. Henry Curtis Ford is committed to helping drivers learn more about this cutting-edge technology and the many empowering functions it provides.

Maintain Constant Access to Real-Time Traffic Updates and Navigating Instructions

Rather than fumbling around with your phone, you can rely on Android Auto for real-time traffic updates, tips for avoiding speed traps, and information on local accidents. You can get helpful point-to-point directions and can even locate the best eateries and gas stations along the way. With this technology, you'll save both gas and time by finding the quickest and most efficient route.

Stay on Top of Your Social and Professional Obligations

Android Auto is far more than a navigational tool. It also offers the endless convenience of Google Assistant and allows drivers to access their schedules, set up meetings, get important updates, and listen to their favorite tunes. They're additionally able to both read and respond to texts, without ever taking their hands of the wheel. For more information on this impressive, in-car tool, or to test drive one of our vehicles, stop by Henry Curtis Ford now.

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