Our Henry Curtis Ford team makes it a goal to provide Petaluma, CA drivers with useful information that helps them keep their vehicles well-maintained. Washing your vehicle is important because it helps extend its lifespan. Read on to find out how often your vehicle should be washed.

Washing your car a couple of times each month is probably appropriate if you have mild weather and/or keep your car parked in a garage the majority of the time. It's also suggested to have your car washed one or two times each month if you live close to a beach. This will help prevent exterior rusting that can happen from the salty air near the coast. Long commutes, excessive rain and heat, and frequent bug splatter are signs that your car should be washed once a week.

If you keep your vehicle clean, it will give you a safer driving experience. Windows that are free of dirt and bug splatter will give you a clear view of the area around your vehicle.

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