What can top the interior space available inside a full-sized SUV? How about all the cool features associated with a model? The Ford Expedition delivers the right mix of spatial dimensions and added features, two reasons why it is so popular. Look at the interior for more reasons.

Long drives need not be uncomfortable. Thanks to the Expedition's ventilated front bucket and leather-trimmed heated seats, driving both near and far come with expanded comfort. The steering wheel also emanates heat. So, the leather wrapped around the steering wheel does more than looking nice. It transfers heat.

Buyers who want even more room can look closer at the Expedition MAX. The MAX is one full foot longer. The added length means added space, which is perfect for passengers and cargo.

Over at Henry Curtis Ford, we want you to see what differentiates the Ford Expedition's interior. Our sales team in Petaluma, CA can let you check one out on a test drive.

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