The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: Features and Practicality

Whether you're carrying cargo, shuttling passengers around Petaluma, CA, or combining the two, the 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon can do it all. You'll be able to choose a capacity that meets your needs; the short-wheelbase version can seat up to five people, while the long-wheelbase model holds up to seven. Read on to learn a bit more about the new Transit Passenger Wagon.

You'll haul your passengers in comfort with the Transit. The first and second rows of seats have been enhanced with refined materials, stitching, and additional cushioning. With its ability to get into, out of, around, and between tight spots, the Transit Passenger Wagon can keep up with whatever life throws at it.

The Transit's 2.0L gasoline engine can run on E85, unleaded fuel, or a combination of the two. The all-new 1.5L diesel can run on a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel. Because ethanol and biodiesel are more sustainable and cleaner-burning than other fuels, the Transit Passenger Wagon is an eco-friendly option. See it in action at Henry Curtis Ford today.

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