People often ask our Petaluma, CA Henry Curtis Ford service team members about aftermarket headlights vs. OEM headlights. Will aftermarket headlines void your warranty? How do they compare to OEM headlights? We've got the short answers you seek.

Aftermarket Headlights

Aftermarket headlights are one of many aftermarket parts that will not void your vehicle's service or parts warranties. Most vehicles undergo at least one headlight change over the course of their lifetime. Automakers do not penalize you for replacing headlights, because the procedure is so common. However, aftermarket headlights typically don't last as long as OEM, so they'll cost you more in the long run. Plus, if the headlights happen to be sealed beam, you'll have to replace the entire assembly.

OEM Headlights

OEM headlights are exact replicas of the headlights in your vehicle that you want to change. The upfront costs are usually greater than those for aftermarket headlights because OEM quality is better and, yes, our Petaluma, CA Henry Curtis Ford imposes a sales markup. However, since OEM headlights last three times longer than aftermarket, the long terms costs favor OEM.

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