The Ford Edge is efficient, spacious, and high-tech. From blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts to active course correction through automatic steering wheel torque adjustments, this SUV redefines brains and brawn. Check out our Petaluma, CA Henry Curtis Ford team's top Ford Edge tech features.

The Lane-Keeping Aid

As mentioned in the intro, the Ford Edge can gently correct your course if you veer out of your lane unintentionally. It detects accidental lane drifting, deploying steering wheel torque to actually steer you back into your own lane. After repeated drifting, the Ford Edge sends you warnings in the message center, reminders that you might need to take a break.

Pre-Collision Assist

Using cameras, the Ford Edge looks out for possible accidents ahead of you and issues an alert sound and a warning message if a collision is likely or imminent. If you aren't able to brake in time, the Ford Edge automatically brakes for you, pre-charging, increasing brake-assist, or applying full braking power to minimize or prevent a crash.

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