The Ford Explorer here at Henry Curtis Ford in Petaluma, CA is among the safest and most reliable SUVs available today. It is packed with many features to make it stand out from its peers. The interior is large enough to fit everything, even pets. An aggressive grille makes it look like a high-performance vehicle.

The Ford Explorer is today's top luxury SUV, thanks to improved design attributes. The Ford Explorer is equipped with a voice-activated navigation system so that you never have to press buttons or look away from the road when you issue instructions. It's as simple as telling the navigation system what to do by voice command.

It is possible to add a Bang and Olufsen (B&O) stereo system to Ford Explorer vehicles if desired. Another top-of-the-line feature sets the Ford Explorer apart from competing compact sport utility vehicles (SUVs). It's a safe bet that everybody in the SUV will like the deep, high-quality sound these speakers generate.

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