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  • Justin Hansel

    General Manager

  • Wes St. Louis
    General Sales Manager

  • Almir "AC" Crnovic
    Sales Manager

    Hometown: Bosnia

    Almir is our Sales Manager and has been working in this capacity for over 9 years with the Hansel Auto Group.  A.C.'s excitement, knowledge and extensive experience in the Auto Industry is our gain and every customer's benefit as he clearly knows and shows the best "way" to achieve the goal on our customers behalf and consistently teaches us all how to follow through until completion.


    We have another very well accomplished musician here in A.C. as you can follow his Band's excellent track record and devoted fan base on Facebook under, "Rock Ko Fol" as well as the "Ian Franklin Band" @ He also enjoys biking, Bikram Yoga, but favorite thing to do is hanging out with his 11 yr. old son.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Sales Manager

    I'm originally from El Salvador in Central America. I came to the US when I was eight years old. I'm sincerely interested in helping everyone around me be the best they can be. I've been with Henry Curtis ford for 8 years, 5 as a Sales Rep and the rest as Floor Manager, Finance Manager and now Sales Manager.

  • Marshall Young
    Sales & E-Commerce Supervisor

    Marshall's family moved to Novato CA from the Mojave Desert in 1980 and immediately fell in love with the North Bay community.  He enlisted in the US Army shortly after graduating High School in 1985 and spent 4 years with the 3rd Infantry The Old Guard in Washington DC as Presidential Support Duty and Official Ceremonial Unit.  After honorably discharging from the Army in 1990 he moved back to his current home in Novato and took the first job he was offered….selling Fords, the rest is just a lot of pretty funny stories!!  When he's not on the showroom floor he is most likely somewhere on the Pacific Ocean chasing down a fish or possibly behind a BBQ Pit.  Since 2013 Marshall has managed the Ecommerce Department at Henry Curtis Ford and truly enjoys helping the younger "troops" grow within the Hansel organization. 

  • Cyril Kangrga
    Finance Manager

  • Doug Wilson
    Finance Manager

  • Anton Atiq
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown is Bethlehem, Palestine. He lives in Rohnert Park and has been in sales with Ford Motor Co. since 1991.

  • Ariel Huerta
    Sales Consultant

    Ariel was born in Veracruz, Mexico, which is located next to the Gulf of Mexico. Before coming to Henry Curtis, he was working for a garbage company where I worked 80 hours a week. He was able to get his citizenship and that alone opened more opportunities for him and Henry Curtis was one of them. 


    He is very passionate about soccer (football) and I always have his wife and two kids on his mind. He enjoys a cold beer on a hot summer day after working on his house or my vegetable garden. When Ariel is not working, you can find him playing at the park with his children or taking trips to the ocean to go fishing and crabbing.

  • David Cunningham
    Sales Consultant

  • Evelio Pineda
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Evelio Arnulfo Pineda. I was born in El Salvador in 1989, and came to US when I was 14. I was hired as a lot car washer by Hansel Auto Group on June 28, 2013. I am currently a Sales and Leasing Consultant. I enjoy working at Henry Curtis Ford, because we treat ourselves and our customers as family.

  • Jason Logan
    Sales Consultant

  • John Hadley
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Kieron Gooler
    Sales Consultant

    Kieron aka K-diddy, lives and works in the beautiful town of Petaluma. He has been with Henry Curtis since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He has 3 gorgeous daughters who got their good looks from their dad. He now is a Grandpappy with a 2yr old granddaughter Kendall, and a 2 month old grandson, Wesley. He also has a ferocious kitty cat, Riley. His favorite past time is eating - "See food - eat."

  • Michael Espinosa
    Sales Consultant

  • Mike Pardue
    Fleet Manager

    Mike Pardue was born in Oklahoma and raised in a small town outside Death Valley. He moved to the Bay Area 20 years ago. He has two awesome kids, Mackenzie and Joe Joe. He loves to build specialty trucks. Also loves Rockstar energy drinks, gummy bears, and Nutella. Fun fact - this cheer dad knows how to braid hair better than most!

  • Katie Kraal
    BDC Representative

    I love the outdoors and spend almost every weekend of the summer at the river. I have a cat named Jackson who acts more like a dog than a cat; he will steal food right out of your mouth and loves his belly rubbed! I am a proud auntie of 3 girls and 2 boys and am the oldest of 3 girls. I help run the Children Ministry at my church, and have been a vegetarian for more than half of my life. I got into the car business in 2015 and find it to be more fun than it is work!​

  • Andy Vanderveerdebondt
    Service Manager

    Hometown: Cloverdale, CA

    I have been racing asphalt circle track cars for 12 years. I started racing a 1971 mustang street stock that I built in my garage with my dad and a few friends. I won multiple championships at Ukiah and Lakeport speedway over the years.

    My fondest memory of working for the Hansel Auto Group would be the experience of working with some of the veteran technicians and hearing stories of how things have evolved from the downtown store. 

    I started with Hansel Ford in October of 2000 as an entry level technician, I worked my way as a team leader and eventually a Journeyman Diesel Technician. I was promoted by my mentor Wayne Shuster to the Hansel Ford Shop Foreman, and performed those duties for a year and a half before I was promoted to Service Manager at Henry Curtis Ford March of 2016. I am enjoying the challenge and love working with my team!

  • Robin Bulman
    Parts Manager

  • Susan Geasland
    Customer Relations Manager

    I was born in Oakland, CA, but raised in Santa Rosa. I graduated from Ursuline High School then went on to the SRJC for Business and Marketing. I have a son named Dylan and two Yorkies, Zoey and Isabelle.

  • Danise Collins
    Service Advisor

  • Jim Wallace
    Stock and Shipping Clerk

    Jim Wallace has been with Henry Curtis Ford since 1994 and is one of our parts specialists regarding all Ford vehicles. He enjoys spending time with family, working on old cars, and following the 49ers and Giants.

    Fun fact: He's been to Nicaragua!

  • John Moodie
    Service Advisor

    I'm a service advisor at Henry Curtis Ford. I've been with Henry Curtis Ford for a little over a year now. My family and I live in Lakeport California, and I commute to work as I love working for Henry Curtis Ford. My fiancé and I have a blended family which makes up of five children ranging in ages of 23 years old all the way down to 20 month old. I like to stay physically fit and attend the gym daily as well as my fiancé. We do family bike rides, hikes, and walks. My fiancé and I are both in the Auto industry as this is something that is both of our passion. We also like to take road trips - whether it's a day trip to the coast, a long road trip to the East Coast, or somewhere in between. My job here at Henry Curtis Ford is an extended part of my family and I consider those who I work with to be family as well.

  • Matt Brians
    Parts Counterperson

    I was born and raised in Petaluma. My favorite thing to do is drag race my 1968 Camaro. I like to spend time with my family. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite color is blue.

  • Pam Rossi
    Back Counterperson

  • Patti Markovina

  • Phillip France
    Red Team Service Manager

    Fun fact: Phil has lived in Japan and Hong Kong. He started with the Hansel Auto Group in August 1993 as a Service Writer - same location through 2 different remodels!