The Ford
Red Carpet Lease

Ford Red Carpet Lease: What you Need to Know

Here at Henry Curtis Ford, we enjoy highlighting available financing plans that we believe make a lot of sense for new Ford shoppers that stop by our showroom. For those considering the lease of a new Ford model, the Ford Red Carpet Lease plan offers a lot to like. This plan can be customized based on mileage requirements and preferred term lengths, with exclusive GAP protection coverage and multiple options to consider as your agreement comes to an end.

Program Features to Consider

If you're considering the new Ford Red Carpet lease plan, then we encourage you to consider the following program highlights:

  • Price: Lower lease payments than other respective finance options gives you a solid return on investment with your next daily driver
  • Trade-Ins: Regular stresses of vehicle trade-ins don't apply with Ford Red Carpet leasing, ensuring a smooth financing process altogether
  • New Ford Models: With shorter term lengths and mileage requirements, you can experience new Ford trucks, sedans and SUVs, along with the latest features, frequently as one lease agreement ends and another begins
  • GAP Protection: In the case of serious damage that you can't repair for your vehicle or the car's theft, the typical gap between insurance payoff and the outstanding lease balance you normally owe waives and won't apply

Three Ford End of Lease Options

As your lease agreement ends, the next stage of decision-making comes into focus. Thankfully, the Ford Red Carpet lease plan comes with multiple options to consider such as:

  • New Ford Model: Lease or buy the latest new Ford vehicle from our dealership
  • Current Ford Model: Purchase the vehicle you currently operate. This price is typically established ahead of the lease agreement you do sign
  • Return of Leased Model: After you've paid respective wear and tear or exceeded mileage fees that apply, your lease agreement has concluded and you no longer are tied to the respective vehicle

Choosing Mileage Marks and Term Limits

With seven different mileage options to choose from, ranging from 10,500 miles to 19,500 miles per year, you can customize your lease plan based on what your annual driving habits look like. The same goes for lease commitments in general, with multiple terms to choose from based on how long you envision yourself with that vehicle. An advanced payment program (APP) allows you to pay a single payment up front, potentially saving more money long-term.

Learn more today by contacting our finance team after filling out an application. We look forward to working with you!

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